Data Cabling

Data Cabling

Network Cabling or Structured Cabling forms the backbone for any business’ internal network; even where Wi-Fi is the order of the day, the quality of the cabled installation will still form the basis of the network reliability.

PC Maniacs is proud to be able to offer high quality structured cabling installations at all sizes of businesses and Homes. Our network cabling teams pride themselves on doing neat and tidy installations which are completed timeously due to their immense combined experience.

Our cabling division boasts the highest accreditation with all major product suppliers in providing structured and certified cabling solutions.

The proper application of data cabling and wiring (also referred to as network cabling & wiring) is imperative for successful business, government and academic network infrastructure installations.

Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling systems that will support multiple hardware uses systems and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future.

With a correctly installed system your requirements of today and of tomorrow will be catered for and whatever hardware you choose to add will be supported Contact us today for more information.

Data Cabling VS Network Cabling EXPLAINED