Home Internet Solutions

Home Internet Solutions

The PC Maniacs Way is a path tailored to suit your needs. It is innovative, world class, and solutions–driven. The PC Maniac Way provides superior support, intelligence, and reliability.

Whether you are a home user, small business owner or a large enterprise consumer you will enjoy fast, clear and reliable connectivity. A home network is a group of devices – such as computers, game systems, printers, and mobile devices – that connect to the Internet and each other.

A home network is two or more computers interconnected to form a local area network (LAN) within the home. Before deciding what kind of home network you want, you must ask yourself if it bothers you to drill holes and run wire throughout your house.

Do you mind opening your computer and installing network cards? Are your computers in the same room?

Don’t let these decisions freak you out! Contact us today so we can cater a solution to your specific environment need – hassle free!