All our Installations are Project Management Driven by Passion.

Server Room Monitoring Systems

  • Fire and Evacuation Monitoring
  • Heat monitoring
  • Power and UPS Monitoring
  • Humidity Monitoring
  • Access to server room Monitoring (open and closed door)
  • Off site surveillance monitoring
  • Motion detection

Fibre Optic Installations

  •  Internal Links between cabinets
  • Fibre links between buildings
  • Fibre links from camera systems to server rooms or surveillance rooms
  • Intermediate links between Office floors
  • Fibre to home FTTH
  • Fibre to business FTTB
  • Maintenance, Repairs and SLA`s

Fire and Evacuation Systems

  • Fire Suppression systems for server rooms
  • Hand held fire extinguishers
  • Evacuation
  • PA Systems

Power Systems

  • UPS Systems
  • Generated Power
  • Solar Systems
  • Surge Protection
  • Server Room 1/3 Phase Power Supplies
  • Supply of COC`s

Board Room Systems

  • Sound Solutions
  •  VC Solutions
  •  Over head HD Projectors
  • Motorized Screens and Pull up Screens
  • Smart White Boards, WIFI Compatible
  • Boardroom table inserts, HDMI,Data,Power,VGA Cabling
  • Wireless Solutions

Broadcast Television Systems

  • Single/Mutliple TV Streaming
  • DSTV Solutions, Home, Complex and Business
  • Video Wall Solutions
  • Supply of all House name TV`s HD and Smart

Server Room and Data
Centre Solutions

  • Data centre design
  • Cableways between cabinets, Over Head or Below floor
  • Hot and Cold Isle Solutions
  • Raised Flooring
  • Anti-Static Flooring
  • Air Conditioning Systems, Split Wall units on all Brands, Rittal Cooling Systems for Cabinet Enclosures, Redundant Cooling Systems
  • All brand of Server Rack Supplies and Installations
  • Cabinet Clean ups
  • New Installations as per ISO Standards
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Fire Suppression Blow Out Clips for Ceilings
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Fire Rated Walling
  • Power 1/3 Phase
  • UPS
  • Generated
  • COC`s

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